We're here to revolutionise the way health services can request, contract and deliver interpreting services for Deaf people.


Because Deaf people deserve better access and it costs the NHS £30 million per year in the poor diagnosis and ineffective treatment of Deaf people. The current system doesn't work and leaves Deaf people without any choice or control. Interpreters have boycotted agencies who demonstrate a lack of knowledge and respect of the Deaf community and interpreting. Agencies have gone into liquidation as a result of traditional working practices that cannot meet demand led services.


By co-creating an innovative digital platform with all three user groups: Deaf people, interpreters and health staff, we can revolutionise the way that access is provided. For the first time, we will be designing a system that works. With everyone, for everyone. Not for shareholders or global companies, but one that puts local people in charge, and keeps profits locally.

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