Signalise is a new multi-stakeholder co-operative run by its members to provide interpreting to services who need to book interpreters. Signalise will be a platform co-op allowing all users to request, book and confirm interpreting via the platform in a way that is innovative and benefits all users.

We aim to have a membership of Deaf people, BSL/English interpreters and other interested parties such as healthcare providers and commissioners who need to purchase services.

We will start in Merseyside for health bookings where it is clear there are many problems with current contracts. Signalise offers an alternative solution.

Our Users

There are three user groups involved in Deaf people's access to health care. Deaf people, the health staff who have a statutory duty to care for Deaf service users and the interpreters that allow health staff to do their job by facilitating this communication with Deaf people.

We were keen to find out what all three user groups thought about interpreting services for Deaf people. We undertook a survey of users across the five boroughs of Merseyside; Liverpool, Wirral, Sefton, Knowsley & St Helens. You can read our report Signing the right path here.

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