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Scroll through our landmark achievements through the years!

August Wider Reach bubble

Secured a new NHS contract with an expanded area across Cheshire and Greater Manchester!

April More Contracts bubble

Gained another 6 NHS contracts across Merseyside and Cheshire, See the full list on our Contracts Page.

January Funding for Tech bubble

Received Community Tech funding to make and maintain our tech estate which is fully owned by the co-op’s members.

December Increased turnover bubble

Secured our 7th NHS contract; delivered work in other areas: conferences, events, legal. You name it we do it!

November Support for Strategy bubble

Secured further support from the School of Social Entrepreneurs to work on strategy with members

June Funding for outreach bubble

Gained Social Enterprise Support Fund funding for outreach work to raise membership in the Deaf community

April Support for Strategy & Leadership bubble

Recieved follow on support via the Paul Hamlyn Foundation for working on strategy and leadership

August NHS contracts bubble

Became the sole supplier on an NHS framework for Merseyside and Cheshire

June community shares bubble

Raised 328k from 194 investors to work on infrastructure and technology

January funding for VRS bubble

Received funding from Liverpool City Region Future Innovation Fund to develop a community-owned Video Interpreting Service - co-created and tested with Deaf users

September funding for governance bubble

Received funding via Power to Change Bright Ideas to work on community ownership

June rebrand bubble

Rebranded to Signalise Co-op

March crowdfunder bubble

Raised over 11k from the community and other supporters to spend on start-up costs

October Funding for start-up costs bubble

Received funding from UnLtd, Paul Hamlyn Foundation, Ideas and Pioneers, and The Hive via Co-ops UK

October Incorporation bubble

Incorporated as SignCo.io

2024 graphic with signalise hands

The next 3 months...

Strategy: Work with members to confirm our direction and how they want the co-op to grow.

Investment: Find new investor members and talk to existing investors to prepare for another community share offer

Community Tools: Develop tools so we can discuss co-op work with members more frequently and explore participatory decision-making. Our current Web 2 tools are slower and rely on the co-op staff team to organise meetings.

Co-op structure: Revisit the structure of the co-op to explore ways to decentralise more.

Booking platform: Move away from our simple website and do a soft launch of our beta site to test this with a wider group of users. Revisit our direct bookings functionality.

Video Interpreting Service: Add features so we can market the service and gain more income to support our 24/7 cover for organisations and individual users.

The next year...

Expansion: Explore new co-op regions and partnerships.

Tech: Move to open source software so that not just the business but our tech will be fully owned and controlled by the community, review the booking platform and video interpreting service to develop these in line with community feedback.

Finance: Launch our next community share offer to raise funds to develop the co-op.