Join Signalise as a communication professional

Who can join?

Are you registered with NRCPD, RBSLI, SRLDPC or ITI as a Trainee or Registered Interpreter/translator or a different communication professional? Do you live or work in the North West?

You can join.

Why should I join?

Our aim is to build a business of Deaf people and communication professionals in a way that has never been done before. This includes the development of our platform.

Signalise running hand

Benefits of Worker membership:

  • Ownership and involvement of a local community interpreting business
  • Sustainable fees
  • Be offered work first before non-members
  • Work more locally, reduce travel
  • Being able to feedback directly and change how the business works
  • Opportunity to help campaign for change to make sure access for Deaf people improves
  • Access to training, workshops, meetings
  • Close relationship to interpreting service and interpreters
  • Protecting the future of local interpreting services
  • If buying shares, opportunity to earn interest in future (see Investor Membership for more information)

If you are in the North West and would like to become a member see our Join Us page.
If we are not in your area yet and you would like to pre-register your interest in becoming a worker member when we come to your area, please email us at