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Renaming and re-branding has begun!

Nicky Evans • Jan 15, 2020 • 2 min read

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As a cooperative, it’s essential that we are seen as a viable business that can be trusted to deliver a high quality service. The platform cooperative movement is in its infancy and we are at the forefront of this, yet we are also highly experienced in our field. How do you put that over in a name and brand?

We are very excited to have just commissioned the services of Baxter and Bailey to undertake a renaming and re-branding of SignCo.io. When we established we had to choose a name very quickly in order for us to start work and apply for funding and support. We never intended this to be the permanent name and it was being used to allow us to progress. SignCo has already seen us confused with the sign writing industry and it’s important that we can be identified and found.

Now that we have secured some start up funding, we want to make sure our name and brand are fit for purpose and able to represent our work and what we do. Baxter and Bailey are award winning design experts who understand the complex nature of what we are trying to achieve with our platform cooperative and will be able to help us present the right message to all our stakeholders.

We look forward to sharing more news on this as the work progresses!

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