Our Video Interpreting Service

Our on demand video interpreting service is the only service to be owned and developed by the community.

Signalise is run and owned by Deaf users and Interpreters and other communication professionals. As a cooperative, we support the community directly and our aim is to increase access for users to all areas of life.

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Why Use Us?

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  • Only service in the UK owned by Deaf people and interpreters
  • Highly qualified interpreters who are fully trained in video interpreting
  • Profits are put back into the business to increase access for Deaf users and raise standards of interpreting
  • Local and national - we balance our use of professionals to support local economies
  • Support our high social impact model and a business which is owned and run by the community

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Deaf users:

Use us to support the Deaf community. Our service is owned by Deaf people, it increases access for Deaf users to phone calls, NHS, events and we want to grow our business to support more Deaf people around the UK.

The video service can be paid for with:

  • Access to Work budgets
  • Personal direct budgets via social services
  • Paying yourself
Why use us?
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We have enabled organisations such as NHS trusts to become accessible to Deaf users by allowing users to access calls via our Video Directory so users can call you direct via our on-demand interpreting service. Our video service can help you:

  • Communicate with Deaf customers (150k in the UK who use sign language as their preferred language)
  • Meet your Corporate and Social Responsibility requirements
  • Support your PR and marketing

Why use us?

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