Become a Signalise investor member

Our third category is Investor Members.

We opened a Community Share Offer in March 2021 and this closed in June 2021. We raised a total of £328k which is now helping to fund the growth of the infrastructure of the business and investment in technology.

Anyone who bought shares was admitted into membership of the co-op, if they were not already a member!

We welcomed a total of 194 investor members into the co-op and we’ve seen this as a unique opportunity to increase community ownership of a business seeking to radically change how interpreting services are run, owned and delivered.

We recognise that investor members can offer value to the operation and development of the business and welcome this opportunity to increase our growth.

Hopping Signalise hand

Benefits of Investor membership:

  • Ownership of a local community interpreting business
  • Being able to feedback directly and change how the business works
  • Access to training, workshops, support and meetings
  • Support and invest in an ethical, local, community-run business
  • Be a part of supporting the new regenerative economy
  • Opportunity to earn interest in future

We do not currently have plans to launch another community share offer but if you would like to become a member or would like to know more please get in touch at

You can find more information about Community Shares here.