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Tech update! What we have been up to…

Since starting the co-op, we’ve been creating our main platform and the systems that work with it. We now have four web apps! Here is a quick overview…

Jennifer Bird • May 9, 2023 • 2 min read

Woman happy on video call by Surface on Unsplash

Booking Platform

We’ve been developing the booking platform since we started. Funding from Paul Hamlyn Foundation Ideas and Pioneers allowed us to create the first working version. Interpreting services are complex it is so this has not been easy! We have had some great feedback and we have a ton of features we also want to add. We’ve recently gained extra funding from Power to Change Community Tech fund. We will be writing more about our tech developments in the future.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) System

We have worked hard to find a solution that we can build on and use with our booking platform. We started some upgrade work last year from the Community Tech funding. This work continues…

Video Interpreting Web App

From January to June 2021, we built a video interpreting service. The funding came from the Future Innovation Fund via the Liverpool City Region. Why build our own? 1) To create a home-grown, community-owned video service. 2) To create a unique co-created service for the community. 3) We did not want to subcontract to a private provider that does not share the co-op ethos. Building our own was the only option! We now have an integrated service for the NHS where we can provide face-to-face to face or video on-demand 24/7. NHS staff can book face-to-face services or a video-interpreted call via the booking platform. This has closed a few gaps in services with the contracts we hold in Merseyside and Cheshire.

Interested? Get in touch!

Stats / Data App

When we started the NHS contracts it became clear that we would end up with a lot of useful data on service delivery. So, we created a data app that serves a few purposes. One of which is to provide complicated data for the monthly stats we send to all our NHS contracts. It enables them (and us!) to see where we are delivering and any service delivery issues. For example, when there are shortages, when it is harder to get a face to face-to-face interpreter.

What next?

There is a lot that we want to do. The focus in the short term is:

  • Better navigation and use for Deaf users
  • Working on integrations across all the web apps so the systems talk to each other more
  • Video interpreting app features
  • Features for regular customers

As part of the Community Tech fund, we’ll be writing more about the tech that we are developing for and owned by the co-op and its members. Watch this space!